Student of the Semester: Sara Roe

By: Amara DeFrank

Sara Roe, a student who has earned numerous titles in our school, has added another to the list. In recognition of Sara’s dedication and perseverance, teachers have given her the prestigious title of “Student of the Semester.”  Sara is a diligent and determined junior who embodies the qualities of an ideal role model for all students.

Being involved in after-school activities and keeping up good grades has to have some tactic behind it. Many things could contribute to balancing this madness, but for Sara, memorization has played a vital role in her academic success. “ I’ve always been good at memorizing material, and it’s really helped with my academics.” However, Sara could also argue that her excellent grades are due to her athletic career. “My biggest motivation is track because academics is always important when doing sports and especially because I want to pursue my track career after high school.” 

Sara’s teachers commend her ability to produce both commendable academic and athletic results. Mrs Shields shares, “ Sara has excelled not only on the track but in her academics as well! It is not easy balancing a student-athlete’s schedule, but Sara has found a way to be successful at it.” 

Mr. Lyons also notices this in Sara. “Sara is an enjoyable student to have in class; she is always positive and enjoys discussing mutual interests. She is also the one that keeps the class on track by asking questions that she or others in the class have,” he explains. “She is an exceptional student-athlete excelling in track and field. As a result, her schedule is full of practices and competitions. Despite the strain on her time, Sara manages to consistently receive one of the top grades in her class. And when she misses due to a track meet, she is a conscientious student and makes sure she checks in prior to leaving to see what work she will be missing. I am honored to have had Sara as a student this year”

Mr. McQuistin adds, “ She goes from school to track to GP.  It’s impressive that she can maintain the grades that she does. It just goes to show you what hard work, discipline, and determination can do.”

“Her work ethic within class is second to none, and she is constantly pushing herself to be better in everything she does, including both academics and athletics,” notes anatomy teacher Mr. Johncour.  

Sara’s father has been a significant influence on her journey. As her role model, his relentless work ethic and unwavering support have helped her to strive for her full potential. “He works hard in everything he does and pushes me to my full potential.”

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