Student of the Semester: Bella Myers

By Elaina Edwards and Sierra Mayberry

Bella Myers, an academic all-star of the freshmen class, was chosen to be Student of the Second Semester by her teachers and classmates. Every semester, two students from each grade are chosen because of their hard work in the classroom. Bella Myers goes above and beyond, and for that reason is an excellent choice for student of the semester

Bella explains, “My biggest motivation is both my grades and my peers. Even if I get a bad grade, I take it as a learning experience.” Keeping this mindset, Bella pushes herself to excel and grow as a student.

It’s her communication skills that Bella credits as playing a big part in her continued success. “If something is wrong, I don’t hesitate to reach out to a teacher or friend for help. I was never a really talkative person, but I do worry a lot,” she explained. “One of the ways I found to subside the worries was to reach out to people. Not only do I get an explanation of what is wrong, but I can also take it and apply it to future problems!”

Bella’s teachers use very encouraging words to describe her in the classroom. “Bella is kind, hard-working, and respectful. I’m happy to have her in class,” Señor Mularski said. Spanish has also been Bella’s favorite class of her freshman year because of Señor. “Señor Mularski has made Spanish entertaining and engaging, leaving me excited for the next day’s class,” she said. 

Going along with this, Bella explains that her idea of a good teacher is one that knows how to communicate and keeps their students engaged. She uses Mrs. Sherry as an example of this because of her fun memory hooks in Biology, which help her to learn better and stay interested. Mrs. Sherry also reciprocates this by saying, “Bella really puts in the effort to make sure she does well in biology. She is never afraid to ask for clarification, and is great to have in class.” 

“I adore Bella,” honors English English teacher emphasized.  “She is motivated, diligent, creative, and thoughtful. She brings her best each and every day. Bella is the quintessential honors English student.” 

Along with all of her academic success, Bella also participates in marching band, golf, and jazz ensemble. Being in three extracurriculars along with her academics is a clear indication of a hardworking, and dedicated, student that is very deserving of student of the second semester. Congratulations Bella!


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