Student of the Semester: Ruchi Patel

By Ari Kendall

Ruchi Patel, a freshman at Shenango High School, has earned the accolade of “Student of the Semester.” Ruchi has a drive to succeed, and her classroom performance proves her excellence. Students who receive this award outshine others with their academic performance, which is exactly what Ruchi Patel has done.

In the classroom, Ruchi puts her best effort forward. “Ruchi has done amazingly well in Biology. She is always well prepared for tests and is an excellent student, as well as a kind person,” Mrs. Sherry recalls. In Spanish class, Ruchi also exhibits brilliance. “Ruchi is very respectful and intelligent. I’m so glad she chose to take Spanish!” Señor, or Mr. Mularski mentions.

In the tough class of Honors Algebra II, Ruchi exceeds Mrs. Delaney’s expectations. “Ruchi is a very deserving recipient of the ‘Student of the Semester!’ She has an incredible work ethic, always striving to do her best, and really wants a deep understanding of the abstract material in Honors Algebra II,” Mrs. Delaney praises. 

Ruchi’s other honors class is English, and Mrs. Allen shares the sentiments of her colleagues.  “Ruchi is a phenomenal student of literature,” she explains.  “She thinks deeply, connects with each text we study, and then showcases her knowledge in insightful, creative ways.  I truly look forward to reading Ruchi’s work and evaluating her assessments.”

Each individual deserving of this award has their own strategy for success. “I consider my strongest trait as a successful student to be time managementI get my work done faster, so it’s less dreadful to finish. I’ve built this trait by getting my work done as soon as I come to school so I enjoy my nights stress-free. I also work on big projects slowly, day-by-day, so I complete them on time,” Ruchi notes.
Ruchi is involved in extracurricular activities, such as marching band, pep band, and National Junior Honor Society. These activities provide Ruchi with an even better goal to exceed in life.

Ruchi believes teachers shape their students. “I think a good teacher is one that listens to their students. I think everyone has room for improvement, and by taking in feedback from students, teachers can create a better learning environment for years to come,” Ruchi remarks. 

Ruchi’s motivation sprouts from her life at home. “My parents motivate me to study and work hard. I want to make them proud and give back to them, so I always try my hardest,” Ruchi expresses.

Her role model is a musical group, Enhypen. “They’ve taught me to never give up and always try my hardest. Things will be hard at times, but I need to keep pushing through because there’s always a better end. I relate to them in so many ways,” Ruchi says.


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