Top 10: Ian Brown

By Tessa Hardisky and Antonio Nye

Anyone who knows Top Ten Senior Ian Brown can vouch for his hard-working attitude and determination. Brown is being recognized for his academic achievements in his Shenango High School career. After a competitive year, he has managed to take home the title of the graduating Class of 2024 valedictorian.

The key to success is trying not to get any B’s on his report card; this mindset is what kept him challenged throughout his years at Shenango High School. This was especially taxing for him when he took AP Chemistry. “I had to work to earn my grade in that class,” Ian stated. “It was one of the first classes that truly made me put in effort to study and learn the content”

Ian is included in a multitude of extracurricular activities, but he says marching band is what brought him the most joy, “I used to love watching the band perform when I was younger, so getting to be a part of it when I grew up was incredibly enjoyable.” On top of marching band, he participates in clubs such as Drama Club, Spanish Club, and Student Council. 

Although Ian may seem like the student who always has a smile on his face, he faces challenges every day just like the rest of us. “Something I have learned is that life does not always go as you would expect, and sometimes you have to learn how to deal with what it throws at you.”  He also advises students that “to not procrastinate on work, for it can catch up to you and be overwhelming.” 

Ian’s mother gets much of the credit for Ian’s drive, and he is grateful for her influence as “she has always supported me and everything I have ever done.”

Ian enjoyed his education Shenango. “The staff here is excellent and has offered me great opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. I will miss the staff and friends I have made here. ”

This fall, Ian plans on attending Youngstown State University to major in chemical engineering. 

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