Top 10: Mackenzie Sheridan

By Makenna Emerick and Aleigha Slage

Mackenzie Sheridan is one of the top 10 students at Shenango High School who will proudly represent the Class of 2024. Mackenzie’s talents range from her academic prowess in multiple advanced placement classes to her talents in music to her creative flair through art. 

For Mackenzie, her family is very important to her. They help motivate her to do the best that she can in school. “I would consider my family to be my first influence when it comes to my academics,” Mackenzie states. “They’ve always pushed me to do my best since day one.” 

Mackenzie’s involvement in Art Club has been paramount in her high school experience.  “Art club has brought me the most joy because I got to spend time doing what I love, making art,” she notes.  “Art club provided me time to socialize with my friends and eat snacks. It allowed all of us the opportunity to combine our abilities and create something beautiful, whether it was sets for the musical or paintings for the haunted house event.”

Looking toward Mackenzie’s future, she used that motivation to plan for her future at  Slippery Rock University. She plans on majoring in engineering and minoring in art. “I plan on joining another art club and many other clubs that I may like in college.” Mackenzie also stated, “My goals are to obtain a steady, professional career and indulge in my hobbies.” 

Mackenzie feels a special gratitude for her best friend, Sylvia Perrone. “I would like to thank my best friend, Sylvia, for helping me prepare for the future,” Mackenzie says. “She’s been my biggest supporter through everything and encouraged me to be my best. Most notably, she encouraged me to perfect my senior project and truly make it my own.” 

The Shenango staff has also proved a constant source of inspiration for Mackenzie.  “I will miss the amazing people I met here and the teachers who really had a passion for their job, those teachers who extended their abilities to give their students the best education possible,” Mackenzie explains.  “They displayed motivation and truly went the extra mile to make sure all of their students were happy and well-educated.”

As Mackenzie prepares to move on from high school, she advises those who will follow in her footsteps to “enjoy your time in high school, do the sport, and join the extracurricular clubs. Make good friends, find the people, and stick with them through it all.” 


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