Top 10: Andy Johnston

By Sierra Mayberry

Andy Johnston is an outgoing, well-rounded student whose passion and dedication have earned him a spot in Shenango’s Top Ten. 

As part of his motivation to succeed, Andy always kept in mind that he would have to work hard in order to earn a college scholarship. “I figure since I have been blessed with the ability to go to school and learn, then I should make the most of it and do the best I can,” he explains.

Andy credits his parents with driving his desire for success. “They always set a high standard for me and pushed me to be great. I wouldn’t have as much motivation to keep my grades up were it not for them.”   

Shenango has offered Andy many opportunities for growth.  From his favorite class–Kinetics– to his most challenging–AP Calculus–Andy has embraced his education. Ceramics in particular stands out to Andy. “I always thought art classes were frustrating. However, taking ceramics showed me that I could really have fun in an art class.” 

Mrs. Cavalier is someone Andy feels gratitude for.  “Mrs. Cavalier helped me prepare for the future the most. Throughout my high school career, she always made sure we would be prepared to make the right choice on our futures,” he notes. “She is always available for questions and she gave many resources to help us.”

Andy’s advice to underclassmen is to “put yourself out there.” He emphasized a lesson he learned was to “talk to people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It can be beneficial for people to get out of their shell and go express themselves.” 

As he prepares to graduate, Andy is thankful for his upbringing. “What I will miss the most about Shenango is the small community we have here,” he says.  “I like our small township high school because it makes everyone close.” It’s his time as a football player that has special meaning for Andy.  “Varsity football has brought me the most joy. When playing football, it becomes more than just a game because it pulls all the teammates very close together and more like a family,” Andy explains. “Everyone goes through it together and it gave me bonds and memories that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Andy will attend Duquesne to major in a five-and-a-half-year Physical Therapy program. 

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