Top 10: Ashlynn Peters

by Rachel Callahan

Ashlynn Peters, a beacon of dedication and perseverance, has thrived at Shenango High School. Her commitment to excellence will be evident as she stands in the first row at this year’s commencement, proudly accepting the accolade of being in the Top Ten of Shenango’s 2024 class. 

Ashlynn credits her mom as her biggest influence. “She has always taught me to work hard and to be patient. These two things helped me get good grades.” Another motivator for Ashlynn is “maintaining high honor roll,” which she has achieved all four years of high school.

Next year, Ashlynn is embracing her inner-city girl and attending The University of Pittsburgh. She is interested in becoming a physical therapist or studying speech pathology during her time at Pitt. Ashlynn notes her most rewarding class is AP Biology. “I thought it was going to be a challenging class, but I managed to keep high grades throughout the school year.” Her success in the sciences in high school will translate into her major and allow her to prosper in her career. 

Ashlynn would like to thank Mrs. McKissick “because she has opened my eyes to the reality of the world. She has prepared me with life lessons that I will follow in the future.” One of the most essential pieces of wisdom she has received in her years at Shenango “is to always treat people with kindness and respect.”

In addition to her pristine academics, Ashlynn exhibits leadership within her activities. She is captain of the Varsity Danceline, which has brought her “so many close friends” that remain by her side today. “Danceline has always been the place where our hard work pays off.” Ashlynn is also President of the Choir and Drama Club, Treasurer of the Senior Class, Secretary of the National Honor Society, and Historian of Peer Leadership. 

When reminiscing about her high school years, Ashlynn will “definitely miss being able to see my [her] friends every day.” As her last mark on Shenango, she would tell the underclassmen to “enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t stress about the future and live in the moment.”

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