Top 10: Cameron Sickafuse

by Janialin Streit

Cameron Sickafuse has earned his spot on the list of the class of 2024’s Top Ten. Not only does he excel academically, but he is also an impactful leader, as shown in his abilities as class president. He takes pride in hard work and dedication in everything he does and uses his goals as motivation.

Cameron’s most important lesson learned outside of the classroom would be “respect and patience.” This has inspired him to believe that the best academic advice would be to “be respectful to your teachers and don’t cause problems.” 

 His hard work and leadership have helped him both in and out of the classroom. Cameron’s parents are to thank when it comes to teaching him these traits. They instilled in him the desire to “work hard and always do this best” and also taught him “how to talk to people.” 

Cameron’s most challenging was AP Chemistry. The heavy workload sets it apart from many classes. Thanks to his work ethic and drive to succeed, he earned a reputable score of four on his exam. For this reason, this is also his most rewarding class. Cameron acknowledges that AP Chem’s rigor has taught him how to persevere, which is a trait that he will embrace as he faces the challenges of college. 

Cameron doesn’t believe in all work and no play. The most fun that Sickafuse has had in school would be as a member of the golf team. It gave him an outlet to play with his friends.

After graduation, he will miss his “teachers and some of his friends the most.”

His “goal of going to Pitt has continued to motivate [him] throughout the years in the classroom.” He will “pursue a degree in finance from Pitt.” Cameron is confident that Shenango has prepared him for the next step of his journey, “teaching him how to learn and be a good student.”  

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