Top 10: Haley Beachem

by Ari Kendall

Haley Beachem has proven herself a Shenango scholar. Her intelligence and positivity thrive both inside and outside the classroom. She has achieved the honor of being one of Shenango’s Top Ten.

Haley’s success has not come without challenges. “There have been many challenges over the past four years. All of the AP classes I have taken tend to be the hardest and most challenging classes because of the workload and expectations of the students,” Beachem recalls. Through the tough times, Haley found encouragement to keep going. 

Haley could not have gotten this far without support. “The biggest influence on my academics is my family. They are always there to support me no matter what.”

Her mother is an especially huge influence, “I would have to thank my mom. She has always been there for me and pushed me to exceed both in school and life goals.” In addition to her family’s support, Haley is also driven to do her best for her future. “I have been motivated by the idea of being able to have a job I love and want to pursue for the rest of my life.”

Shenango has helped Haley carve out a plan for her life as she prepares to graduate.  “My most rewarding class would be anatomy because I want to go into the medical field after high school. I love science!,” she explains.  “I plan to attend Laurel Technical Institute for Cardiovascular Technology and specialize as an echocardiogram technician.” 

As high school comes to a close, Haley has mixed emotions. “I’m going to miss being surrounded by my friends and teachers every day.” She’ll also miss her two favorite activities, being a member of the STAT team and being a Wildcat cheerleader. 

Her advice and lessons learned Haley wishes to project onto future students are vital. “I have learned it is okay to say no. You never have to please everyone you meet. It is extremely important to always be kind to others. You never know what someone else is going through,” Haley advises. 



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