Top 10: Colton Fedrizzi

by Amara Defrank

Colton Fedrizzi, a competitor on and off the field, competed and earned an honorable achievement only a handful receive. Colton’s latest achievement is landing a spot in Shenango’s Class of 2024 academic Top-Ten. His passion, competitiveness, and perseverance in his classes helped him fulfill this prestigious position. 

Knowing that good grades pave the way to college scholarships kept Colton motivated to succeed in each class, “The fact that college would give me more money if I excel in the classroom is what kept me motivated.” His determination helped him overcome his most challenging class in all his high school years. “Honors Algebra Two challenged me the most because it was the first class that really pushed me and made me work hard to complete my work each and every day.” 

Throughout Colton’s school years, he not only had valuable experiences but also learned valuable lessons. Out of many lessons, he chose one to convey to the rest of Shenango students. “I would say to have fun with everything you do and just enjoy it.” Enjoyment brings reward, and reward brings enjoyment. One class Colton felt rewarded in was ceramics. “The most rewarding class was Ceramics because you got to see and use the work that you complete.”

The classroom isn’t the only place Colton where Colotn made endearing memories.. Among the many extracurricular activities he is involved in, football is the one he finds the most pleasure in. “Football has brought me the most joy because of how much fun I had, the people I became friends with, and the things I was able to accomplish.” In sports and in the classroom, Colton notes that “the most important lesson I’ve learned is to be respected by my peers and treat everyone with kindness.” 

Colton’s next step will take him to Youngstown State. “My future plans are to attend YSU and major in engineering. Shenango has taught me the academic skills I will need and how to become involved.” Two inspirations helped Colton get to where he is now. Colton’s older sister, Emilee Fedrizzi, was his biggest influence on academics because, “I try to do better than she did,” which seems to be an underlying cause for his unwavering determination. Lastly, going to college requires learning to act mature and be an adult. Colton credits science teacher Mr. Drozynski for being the person who helped him prepare for the future and modeled how to become a distinguished adult. “I would like to thank Mr. Drozynski because he showed me how to not only do well in school but to make a man out of myself and be respectful to everyone.”

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