Student of the Semester: Mikey Kendall

By Avery Calvert

The first semester just ended and the time has come to honor select students who made an impact; freshman Mikey Kendall did just that! 

Teachers nominate students individually based on their hard work in the classroom, overall attitude, and who they are inside and outside of school. While many of Shenango’s students model these traits, the students chosen to receive this honor demonstrated these traits in exemplary ways. 

While Mikey works incredibly hard as a student academically, her strong character traits set her apart from her fellow students, resulting in this award.  Her computer applications teacher. Mrs. Whiting sees only the best in her. “ Mikey is a very hard-working young lady. She is caring towards others and very helpful when others are in need. One thing that stands out to me about Mikey is her desire to learn and do her best.” 

Her resilience is something to be admired. Even if something is difficult for her, she works her hardest until she succeeds; this trait makes her an amazing teammate. Mikey is a member of the Shenango High School Varsity Danceline squad. She has been dancing at Shenango since she was in elementary school. This dedication to her sport carries into how she works in school as well. Rookie seasons are never easy in any sport, but especially for this auxiliary activity since it is so drastically different from anything experienced prior.   Mikey took her freshman season by storm and quickly became a valuable member of the team in both ability and character. 

The motivation that exists in her extracurricular life continues in her academic world as well. Mikey is confident in her abilities and character. “I know what my future can hold, so I strive to do the best I can to become successful all throughout my life.” Everyone around her can see her efforts as well, especially math teacher Mrs. Crawford. “Mikey has such enthusiasm for her education! She is always upbeat and positive, and she works really well with everyone.”  

While she does her best during every period of the day, Mikey expressed her appreciation for one class in particular. “So far, my favorite class has been Honors English because of all the interesting activities we do as well as working with others in the class.”  Mrs. Allen admires Mikey for the effort she puts into class daily. “Mikey is one of the most thoughtful students I’ve had. Whether it’s an analysis, an oral response, or a creative project, she is really thinking about the text and what it teaches us about the world we live in. Mikey also strives to grow, and I have loved watching her grow this year.” 

Congratulations, Mikey! Keep up the great work! 


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