Student of the Semester: Alex Gates

By Ariyana Kendall

Diligent, exemplary, motivated, and positive are traits freshman Alex Gates embodies within the classroom. Selected by teachers, Alex is one of the freshmen students of the semester. Alex’s contagious enthusiasm and focus shine in his schoolwork and presence in the classroom. Alex is a perfect role model for all students with outstanding academics and pride.

Alex strives to do his best in all of his classes. Mrs. Whiting describes him as a “very polite young man,” and admires “his ability and desire to learn coding and other computer skills.” Alex is very hard-working and never gives up no matter how tough his work gets. His motivation to study and work hard is “getting good grades.”

Receiving tremendous grades is easy for Alex, especially in his favorite classes, “Microbiology and Zoology.” Science teacher Mr. Johncour is grateful for such an amazing student. “Alex is a joy to teach and truly embodies an exemplary student! He always comes to class with a contagious energy that drives those around him to up their academic game and focus on the lesson at hand. He has a genuine motivation to learn that is evident in his work, assessments, and projects, all while keeping a smile on his face,” he notes. “He neither complains nor protests school work, but rather asks great questions that further discussion about the topic. This adds to the overall material and lesson being taught. I can’t say enough about Alex, and he definitely has a very bright future ahead of him!” Alex is admirable and teachers seek more students similar to him.

Many of Alex’s teachers know they made the correct decision by choosing Alex as student of the semester. Mrs. Delaney is a witness to Alex’s role as a stellar student. “Alex is very deserving of being named student of the semester! Alex brings a great attitude to class! He always has his work completed, participates in class, gives 100% effort, and goes above and beyond to thoroughly understand the material.”

Mrs. Pater, social studies teacher, recognizes Alex as “a student ready to learn and make others laugh.” Alex is one of a kind, and his teachers and peers take note of his productivity.

English teacher Mrs. Allen also enjoys Alex’s desire to learn. “Alex is so fun to have in class.  He’s always engaged in what we’re doing and is an active participant.  He makes English class better for both me and his peers!” 

The Shenango community congratulates Alex and wishes him the best of luck for the rest of the school year!

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