Student of the Semester: Piper Currie

By Antonio Nye

It is the time of the year when teachers nominate students for the Student of the First Semester.  This award is based on academic accomplishments and their positive attitude toward their peers and teachers. Sophomore Piper Currie was chosen for the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year!

Her strong work ethic in the classroom has been noted by many of her teachers, “Piper is such a dedicated student and always willing to go above and beyond in the classroom,” noted English teacher Ms. Guy. “I love hearing her ideas about class topics as she always provides a fresh perspective.”

Piper strongly values her education. “I know that my academic career will influence my future so I have to make it count!”

Although Piper may seem quiet in the classroom, she never stays quiet about her ideas and stance on a multitude of different topics, Mr. Vecenie noted, “Don’t be fooled by Piper’s quiet demeanor. She is funny, charismatic, and one of the brightest students in her grade. She isn’t afraid to speak up if she is uncertain and sets a great example for the other students within her class.”

Her favorite class this year has been Spanish 2. “I find the language very interesting to begin with, and all of the activities are very engaging,” Piper shared.  Mr. Mularski also values Piper, noting that “she’s kind and willing to help others.  She’s the kind of student who her classmates can go to when they don’t know the answer.”

Advanced Reading Strategies teacher Mrs. Catanese also had a lot to say about Piper’s dedication to her work. “Even though I have not had Piper for a long time as a student in my class, I have already seen her diligence and strong work ethic in our assignments. She approaches each task with meticulous consideration and careful thought.”

Ms. Shields, social studies teacher, agrees with her colleagues. “In Social Studies, Piper is a focused, hard-working student! She is curious about her nation’s history and not afraid to ask questions or provide her perspective.”

Piper’s parents inspire her success, and Piper hopes to be as well-spoken and as intelligent as her mother, but also as hard-working and humble as her father. 


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