Student of the Semester: Sam Myers

By Makenna Emerick 

Senior Sam Myers has been chosen as the student of the semester due to his hard work and academic accomplishments. The students who get nominated for student of the semester are selected by their teachers because of their academic accomplishments and their overall character. 

Sam is a dedicated and hardworking student, as well as a multi-sport athlete who also participates in many extracurricular activities. “I play football, basketball, and track. I am also in Peer Leadership and NHS.” 

Sam’s STAT teacher, Mr. Heath enjoys having Sam in class. “Sam has been one of my most reliable STAT students for the last three years. He is always eager to help others and does it with a smile on his face.” 

Without being affected by his busy schedule, Sam is a diligent student who always strives for good grades. “I want to get good grades so I can go to a good college.” Though he takes challenging classes, Sam is always dedicated to doing his best and achieving good grades. 

Mr. Cooper, Sam’s AP Government teacher, noted that “Sam does a great job in all he does. He works hard in athletics and his academics as well as all the clubs he can fit into his busy schedule. It’s great to see him being honored for his hard work, and his work ethic will pay big dividends in his future.” 

One of Sam’s classes that he took last semester helped Sam decide where what he’ll study in the future. “My favorite class this year was entrepreneurship because it taught me a lot about how to make a good business.” 

AP Computer Science teacher Mr. Drozynski notes one of Sam’s strengths that will certainly contribute to his future success. “Sam can handle several things at a time. He navigates his work, going back and forth until he understands it fully, and then he presents it proudly.” 

This positive attitude is noted by Ms. Guy, his video production teacher, who said, “Sam is always such a pleasant student to be around. He is always willing to do whatever is asked of him as part of the WCAT crew.” 

Sam credits part of his success to his willingness to engage in class, participate in discussions, and ask questions.  “I am very interactive in class, which helps me a lot.” 

Mr. Mayo, Advanced Lit and Research teacher, notices this trait in Sam.  “Sam’s a great asset to class discussions in Advanced Lit and Research. He makes astute observations and asks thought-provoking questions regarding our readings. This ability enhances our overall culture.”

Sam is a driven student who has role models who set wonderful examples for him. “My parents are my role models because they are very hard working and do a lot of things for me.” 


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