Student of the Semester: Kendall Bruce

By Elaina Edwards and Sierra Mayberry

We’re over halfway through the school year, which means that teachers recently recognized two students per grade for their academic excellencies in the first semester. One of the chosen students was Kendall Bruce for the eighth-grade class. She showcased true determination and academic success. 

Kendall remained a straight-A-student throughout the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year. When it comes to staying on top of her game, Kendall notes, “I strive to be on high honor roll and I am proud of myself for being able to maintain that goal since 7th grade. This motivates me to study and work hard so I can continue this throughout high school.”  

Kendall has developed a strong skillset that helps her maintain her drive. “I would consider my strongest trait to be my organizational skills. I keep a planner with me throughout the day which helps me keeps assignments and tests organized. My busy dance schedule requires me to plan ahead and do most of [my] studying on the weekends so I am prepared for the week ahead,” she explained. Organization is one of the most important characteristics of being a successful student, and she learned these skills from her role model, her mom. “My role model is my mom because I look up to her in all aspects of life. She inspires me every day through the small and big things she does for my family,” Kendall said.

Kendall is not only successful inside of school, but outside of school, she is an outstanding dancer. Her competitive activities include danceline and competitive dance. She had a very successful 8th-grade dance line season, and she continues to excel in competitive dance.

Kendall’s favorite class this year is Honors Algebra 1 with Mrs. Crawford, who enjoys having Kendall in class greatly, “Kendall always has such a positive attitude! She works well with everyone and truly cares about learning.” Mrs. Crawford’s class is Kendall’s favorite because of her open-door policy that gives opportunities to students for extra help when they need it. 

Similarly, her Science 8 teacher, Mr. Drozynski, also thinks very highly of Kendall, “Kendall Bruce takes her challenges seriously and does quality checks on everything. She is pleasant and caring.” 

“Kendall takes advantage of opportunities to earn points in class and she finished the semester over 100%,” noted Honors Math Problem Solving teacher Mr. Sauders.    

Congratulations to Kendall Bruce! 

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