Student of the Semester: Gavin Taylor

By Ella Wittman 

Being named the student of the semester is an incredible accomplishment. It takes both academic excellence and exceptional character to be noticed and nominated for this title. This semester, teachers agree; there is a student who stands out from the rest of his class. Meet one of our junior students of the semester, Gavin Taylor! 

Gavin, also known as GT, is a student who takes pride in his studies. He credits his motivation and academic perseverance to God. “The belief that I am doing everything for God since God has given me so much, and I get to take advantage of his blessings so I can achieve my goals and inspire others” is what drives GT.

Teachers and staff have taken notice of this work ethic. Mr. Vecenie is specifically enthralled with this quality. “GT has one of the best work ethics of any student within the 11th grade. He is smart, but also smart enough to realize that he doesn’t know everything and will spend the extra time to ensure he knows the material currently being covered. He is courteous and isn’t afraid to be himself.”

Gavin has enjoyed his Spanish class the most thus far. Spanish [is my favorite class this year]. I like the music, and I would like to use my Spanish knowledge in the future. Also, all my friends are in that class, so we have a good time.” 

Señor Mularski has also observed his strength in the language. “He’s one of the strongest Spanish students I’ve ever had. He even took second place at Slippery Rock University’s language competition.”

Honors Soial Studies teacher Ms. Shields sees Gavin’s commitment to his academics on a daily basis. “GT is a dedicated social studies student! You can tell he puts a lot of care into his work and enjoys the subject,” she noted.  

GT is involved in more than just the classroom. The clubs he is a part of include National Honor Society, Youth for Christ, and Student Council. He is also a member of both the cross-country and track team. 

Congratulations Gavin!

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