Student of the Semester: Marie Scott

By Tessa Hardisky

Every semester, teachers choose from a select group of individuals the students of the semester. The students are nominated based on their academic excellence and character. This time, 7th-grade teachers chose Marie Scott as one of the 7th graders of the semester. 

Marie Scott is a natural-born performer for Shenango High School, participating in junior high danceline, choir, and band. She also partakes in piano lessons and dances at New Castle Regional Ballet.

Marie looks to her “positive and encouraging teachers,” whom she considers her role models, for encouragement to work hard in school. Her English teacher, Mrs. Butchy, doesn’t fail to notice her dedication. “She soaks up information like a sponge, she strives for excellence, and best of all–she is curious.”

Marie believes her self-esteem and hope for the future motivate her to do her absolute best in school. Her teachers cannot help but respect her grind. “Marie gives an amount of effort that sets the pace for students in the classroom,” says science teacher Mr. Flood. It seems that both teachers and students alike look to Marie for guidance and inspiration.

Marie’s favorite class this year is her algebra class with Mrs. Delaney. “[I like] all of the interesting concepts we get to learn and getting to begin algebra.” Mrs. Delaney has nothing but good to say about Marie. “[Marie] always has her work completed, participates in class, and is willing to go above and beyond.”

Math is not the only subject Marie excels in, and her Social Studies teacher, Mr. Cooper, was quick to defend her title. “She has not missed any points yet this year, and that includes all exams.” That is certainly an accomplishment to be proud of. Additionally, her elective teachers claim she puts equally as much commitment towards her artistry. Mr. Butchy and Mrs. Leali both used the word “focused” to describe Marie. “[She] sets a great example for her peers,” says Mr. Butchy.

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