Student of the Semester: Holdin Anterock

By Amara Defrank

Each semester, teachers recommend students to hold the honor of the title “Student of the Semester.” These students are picked due to their dedication, participation, and hard work in the classroom environment. Holdin Anterock, an inspiring classmate, was chosen by his 7th-grade teachers for the title.

Many factors contribute to one’s drive to do well in school; Holdin’s is his parents. “I’m motivated by my parents. They always push me to do my best, never the minimum.” His parents’ standards allowed Holdin to bloom into the successful, grade-A student he is. 

What makes Holdin stand out from the rest of his peers is not just his grades. Holdin shares that he also partakes in extracurricular activities like “shooting sporting clays for Lawerence County Young Guns and playing baseball.” His ability to take on both sports and school makes him the model for this year’s “Student of the Semester.”

What makes Holdin strive to become better is his role model, Christian Anterock, Holdin’s older brother. “My brother is my role model. I see how hard he works at everything he does, and watching him be successful makes me strive to be like him.” 

One of Holdin’s most desirable classes this semester was Mr. Flood’s Science Seven.   “My favorite class has been science. I really enjoy learning from Mr. Flood. He makes it really fun and interesting.” 

Holdin can find science fun due to the teacher’s qualities and explains that he finds an engaging teacher to be “someone who makes sure you are learning and completing the assignments, but who also makes it fun to learn.” 

Mr. Flood feels the same respect toward Holdin.  “Holdin is the definition of responsibility in the science classroom,” he shares.  “Always prepared and willing to participate, Holdin sets a clear example of expectations in the classroom while his kindness towards others and respect for the teacher help to create the positive atmosphere desired in Science 7.”

Holdin is so incredibly focused in class and cares about his performance,” adds English teacher Mrs. Butchy. “Not only does he want to excel—he wishes the same for others. He is quick to help a classmate during partner or group work time; he shows patience and sensitivity; he is, overall, a model student.”

Mr. Sauders also notices Holdin’s desire for others to do their best. “Holdin took his studies very seriously during the semester and used his study hall to work on his assignments and help others who were struggling.”

Being a strong and successful student can come in different forms, but Holdin’s confidence in his work and the hard work he puts into the assignments allow him to be confident in his answers. “I’m able to become successful due to my confidence and being a hard worker.”  

Mr. Cooper couldn’t agree more. “Holdin works hard on his studies and is a joy to have in class. He participates well and keeps up with his work.”


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