Mr. Shenango: Levi Stuck

By Rachel Callahan and Ashlynn Peters

Maybe you’ve seen him on the football field as Shenango’s stronghold center or possibly in the throwing circles just right up the hill. However, for the last month, Levi Stuck has donned a different hat. Alongside six of his peers, Levi has been chosen as a Mr. Shenango Candidate. 

“It’s a special tradition just to be able to raise money for charity and do great things,” noted Levi. For his charity, he chose UPMC Children’s Hospital because “it supports people and really helps those in need going through a tough time.”

“Dedicated, hardworking, and passionate,” are three words Levi’s friends would use to describe him. Upon graduation, Levi wants to obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Those traits definitely coincide with the physical therapy occupation, and he will no doubt use his positive and charitable attributes in this profession.  

Levi’s biggest inspiration is his Track and Field coach, Matt Callahan, who is also a physical therapist. “He really just inspires me to be better every day.” 

Joining Levi on the basketball court on January 26th is his escort, Ashlynn Peters. When choosing his escort, Levi picked someone with similar qualities; “she’s a passionate person with an ambition to help others.” Ashlynn plans to attend The University of Pittsburgh, become a speech pathologist, and work in a setting like Children’s Hospital. 

When doting on his high school career, Levi often mentions the good memories with his friends and would tell younger kids to “just make the best out of every day. Keep going, wake up, and be positive.” 

“Levi is a standout Wildcat because he is respectful to everyone here at Shenango. He is hard working in and out of the classroom,” applauded his escort Ashlynn. As for his favorite subject, Levi enjoys science “because it is just different and it is not like all the others.” 

Congratulations and best of luck Levi! Support Levi by scanning the QR code below!



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