Mr. Shenango: Sam Myers

By Ariyana Kendall and Amara DeFrank

Samuel Myers, a well-rounded student-athlete, has been nominated by the class of 2024 as one of the seven candidates for the annual Mr. Shenango. One reason he was selected is that his classmates describe him as “fun, silly, and smart” as well as skillful in his athleticism. Sam’s desire to guide his teams and others around him to success outshines all, whether he’s on the field, on the court, or in the classroom. 

Sam’s favorite sport is football, “Football is great. I love every aspect of it,” Sam explains. Coach Graham recently recognized Sam’s talent and passion when he noted that, “Sam has the most grit and toughness of any player I have coached over the last six seasons.” 

His achievements in his athletics are cherishable. “I’ll never forget the moment we won the WPIAL Championship in track,” Sam reminisces. He is able to continue working hard by “letting loose”, which is a lesson he wishes he had learned sooner.

Sam seeks what will guide him in the right direction for the future. His favorite subject in school is math because “it can be used in the real world.” His future plan is to go to college to study finance. His advice to younger students who wish for success consists of “turning in all of your homework.” Sam’s inspiration to persevere through everything originates from his parents, “My parents really inspire me because they are hard workers.”

Sam’s escort is Makenna Emerick, a senior and multi-sport athlete. “Makenna and I became close friends in STAT class, so I picked her as my escort.” Makenna is a team player, and the sports she takes part in include basketball, volleyball, and softball. She is a member of the STAT team and ensures her friends are always doing their best. Makenna describes Sam as “a kind and respectful student who is involved in many different activities. He lights up any room he walks into and has such a bright sense of humor. Sam is also very intelligent and always willing to help anyone with anything,” Makenna expresses.

Sam’s charity he chose to support is the American Cancer Society. “My family has dealt with cancer, and it’s terrible,” Sam elucidates. “It’s not fun and I want to help others in need when they need help the most.” 

According to the American Cancer Society website, “We are the only organization working to improve the lives of people with cancer and their families through advocacy, research, and patient support, to ensure everyone has an opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and survive cancer.”  Sam Myer’s choice of charity is certainly worth donating for.  

Congratulations and best wishes, Sam!  Support Sam by clicking this link: Sam Myers 


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