Mr. Shenango: Brody McQuiston

By Elaina Edwards and Sierra Mayberry

The Class of 2024 has named seven of their seniors to be the Mr. Shenango candidates this year. Brody McQuiston, a talented multi-sport athlete and honors student, was one of the members chosen for this charitable cause. 

When asked what three words his peers would use to describe him, Brody stated, “I think my friends would use the words caring, hard-working and funny.” These qualities are one of the main reasons that he was chosen to be a candidate for Mr. Shenango, and they helped him get to where he is now.

In school, Brody is an honors student and a member of the National Honors Society. His favorite class in school is personal finance with his dad and his favorite subject in school is social studies because “it is an interesting subject and I just feel like it comes naturally to me.”

Outside of school, another activity that comes naturally to him is basketball. It is his favorite extracurricular activity and his senior season has proved bittersweet. “I’ll miss the games, the crowd, all the local fans, and just the atmosphere in general.” His favorite memory from basketball was beating Neshannock in his junior year. One person who inspired Brody was the late NBA player Kobe Bryant “because of his hard work and his work ethic.” Brody also plans to attend college to play basketball to continue his athletic and academic career in the future. 

While a student at Shenango High School, Brody has learned many lessons, and one that he would tell younger students after his time in high school was “to learn not to procrastinate and to enjoy every moment.” 

Being chosen as a candidate for Mr. Shenango is a great accomplishment, especially because the tradition helps a vast amount of people.  Brody chose to support the Declyn’s Dream organization, which is a non-profit organization looking to create more inclusive play and learning environments for kids with disabilities.“I think it is special because it not only helps little kids out, but also just people in general.” Brody chose this organization because “it is helping out local areas and helping out all kids, not just one specific one.” 

Brody’s escort for Mr. Shenango is Adison Kays. Adison is also an honors student and a multi-sport athlete playing volleyball, basketball, indoor and outdoor track. Brody chose Adison as his escort because “I think she is also very caring towards people and kids.” 

Adison feels the same way. “Brody is one of my good friends and an overall nice and caring person.”

Way to go, Brody!  Help support Brody by scanning the QR code below! 

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