Mr. Shenango: Grason Hooks

By Makenna Emerick and Aleigha Slagle

Maybe you’ve seen him in the batting cages or on the baseball field. Right now, he is currently taking on a different role. Grason Hooks was selected as a candidate for Mr. Shenango 2024. 

Grason says that his peers would describe him as “lucky, charming, and athletic.”  Baseball is his athletic passion, and he will attend California University of Pennsylvania to continue his baseball career and to major in political science.

Grason sees Mr. Shenango as a worthy tradition, especially because of how it has evolved into an event that allows students to truly make a difference in the world while showing school pride. “People can raise money for some charities that go to a good cause.”

Grason has chosen the Kimberli Scrim-Hooks Memorial Scholarship Foundation.  Grason lost his mom to lung cancer in 2014.  “It is important to me because it is my mom’s charity,” Grason stated. “She was a good person and it is to remind everyone of her.” 


The escort Grason chose is Cameryn Yanssens. Cameryn is a four-year letterman in track and field. Outside of school she also does CrossFit competitions. “I think that Grason Hooks is a standout Wildcat because he is an extremely nice person in general and would become friends with anyone,” Cameryn stated. “He’s the type of person to never leave anyone out of plans and always makes sure to include everyone. Grason has always been a great friend to me personally and I think that he deserves to be a candidate for Mr. Shenango.” 

Best of luck, Grason!  Help support Grason using the QR code below.

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