Mr. Shenango: Colton Fedrizzi

By Thomas Demko and Janialin Streit

Colton Fedrizzi, defensive MVP of his conference, a star senior who represents his team on and off the field, and a Matt Morici Scholarship recipient has been chosen as a 2023 Mr. Shenango candidate. 

According to Colton, this tradition is special because “ we get to raise money and it goes to a great cause.”  Colton has chosen the Make-a-Wish Foundation as his “great cause.” It is important to him because he is “a part of Peer Leadership and our [passion] is donating to Make-a-Wish.” He was also inspired by a trip to the Make-a-Wish building to see firsthand how they grant wishes.

Fellow senior Maria Bryant will walk beside Colton in his Mr. Shenango journey. “My escort is Maria Bryant. I chose her just because we’re close friends and I know her so well. She’s also part of Peer Leadership with me.” They both have the same opinions on this organization and have seen how much good it can bring to the world.

According to Bryant, “Colton is a standout Wildcat because of his character. Colton is constantly helping others and is always willing to do whatever is asked of him. His kindness and dedication make him a tremendous role model.” Some other ways that he jokingly claims people would describe him would be “funny, handsome, and perfect.”  However, there is one more word to describe him, and Fedrizzi gives thanks to Mr. Drozinski for teaching him how to be a gentleman. In his opinion, Mr. Dro is “a great character.”

Mrs. Whiting is another teacher who is a favorite of Colton. Her computer application class is top-tier in his eyes. “It was so fun every single day and Mrs. Whiting is just an awesome teacher.”

It is no surprise to any Wildcat that Fedrizzi’s favorite activity is football. There is simply nothing else he’d rather do. He believes that he will “definitely miss the games the most.” His favorite among them would be when the team played against the Riverside Panthers this past season. One of the first football players he ever saw, Ezekiel Elliott, is someone who he has admired since he was a young kid. 

Having fun is not just something he looks for in a class, but also in all aspects of life. He would like to advise students to “just have fun… everything you do at school is important, but it’s not as important as you think. Just as long as you’re having fun you’ll be alright.”

Congratulations, Colton!  Help support Colton by scanning the QR code below.

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