Mr. Shenango: Ian Brown

By Tessa Hardisky, Mackenzie Sheridan, and Antonio Nye 

The Class of 2024 has chosen honors student and band member, Ian Brown, as one of the seven Mr. Shenango candidates. “I’m super glad that I got the chance to be here,” Ian exclaims.  

 Ian has chosen to support the Mario Lemieux Foundation throughout his candidacy, a Pittsubrgh-based charity that funds cancer research and patient care. He states, “I was inspired after a fellow classmate was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” 

Appropriately, Ian is being escorted by said classmate, Elyse Lenhart. “She’s a friend of mine and she’s great at talking with people,” he explains. Elyse is equally thankful for this opportunity and believes Ian stands out among the other students. “I believe Ian is extremely kind-hearted,” she describes. “[Ian is] willing to do what it takes to raise money for families who are struggling when faced with challenges.”

As a dedicated honors student, Ian’s favorite class is AP Chemistry. “I really enjoyed AP Chem,” he says. “It was a class that actually pushed me to my limits, and Mr. Vecenie was such a great teacher.”

While chemistry is his favorite class, Ian’s enjoys learning Spanish most out of all of his subjects. “It’s really interesting to learn about other cultural differences. It’s fun to converse in another language,” he says. 

Ian pairs his enjoyment of academics with his love of music.  Ian performs for the Shenango High School Marching Band. “I love taking part in marching band. It’s just great performing for younger kids and adults alike at the games and bringing spirit to the school.”

“One [game] I’ll never forget is a game at Ellwood several years ago in the band when I got hit in the head with a football.”

Due to his passion for science, Ian intends to attend YSU to study biomedical engineering.

Ian will continue to follow his own advice to underclassmen: “Do not procrastinate on assignments, especially in certain classes. It will catch up with you.” 

To find out more about how to support Ian, scan the QR code below.

Best wishes, Ian!

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