Homecoming 2023: Aleigha Slagle

By Ariyana Kendall and Thomas Demko 

Senior Aleigha Slagle is bringing her 16 years of experience to the dance floor this Homecoming as a 2023 candidate for Shenango’s Homecoming Court. Aleigha started dancing at two years old, and she’s been a member of Shenango Danceline since fourth grade. 

 One memory from Danceline sticks with Aleigha to this day. “My favorite memory from Danceline happened my sophomore year. We were working the night before Pie Fest and we decided to go on the practice field, but there was no light and it was dark outside,” she recalls. “Our coach, Ms. McNees, turned her car around so we could use her headlights as a light source to do the dance. We also ripped up the grass because there was netting on it and it was hurting our feet. That was just a really fun experience.” 

Aleigha’s love for the Pie Fest dance also stays in her heart. “The song was was Smells Like Teen Spirit. Pie Fest dances are always a little bit challenging,  and I think that one was overall one of the hardest [dances] because we had a really big team. I understand why it was hard because there were a lot of people and [Ms. McNees] wanted to do a lot of cool things. The band came in at the end of that dance, which is really cool,” Aleigha explains.

It is no surprise that danceline tops the list of her favorites as a Wildcat.  “It’s just such a fun environment. From June to January, we’re basically a family,” Aleigha notes. “I really like the aspect of being a family with a group of people that you’re always spending time with, and I think that it’s really fun because we get to grow as a team and as individuals. Everybody improves throughout the season.”

Throughout her high school years, Aleigha has learned many life lessons.“Don’t take life for granted and live life to the fullest because your high school career is almost gone, so just enjoy it.” 

Much of her wisdom she has learned from the time she spends with her grandmother.   “My grandma is the best role model because she is one of the nicest people that I know. She’s always willing to help out her grandkids or her kids,” Aleigha mentions.

Aleigha chose her close friend Ben Santangelo to be her escort. “He’s been a really great friend and I’ve known him for years. I’m so fortunate to be able to have my friend be my escort.”  

Ben is equally excited to be Aleigha’s escort, “ She is a great dancer and amazing friend.”


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