Homecoming 2023: Ashlynn Peters

By Tessa Hardisky, Sierra Mayberry, and Ella Wittman

You may recognize her from the marching band’s halftime show or the Shenango High School musicals–Ashlynn Peters, a devoted danceline and Chamber Choir member, will take the field as a part of the 2023 Homecoming court this week.

Shenango students involved in the music and drama department often find a love for the environment and all it has to offer. Ashlynn is certainly no exception. I [love being] involved with chambers. It’s fun just to go down [to the choir room], and it’s so much different than every other class.”

As per tradition, Ashlynn was tasked with choosing an escort to support her during this year’s homecoming festivities. “My escort is Cameron Sickafuse. I chose him because he’s a very bright person, easy to talk to, and one of my closest friends.  It’s just about having fun together.”

Cameron, her escort, believes Ashlynn is a stand-out in the senior class as well.“She is a good friend to everyone and takes pride in her school.”

Anyone familiar with Ashlynn can attest to her loveable, bright personality. Her friends would describe her as “caring and kind.”  Ashlynn credits the person she is today to her family, in particular her mother and sisters. “My biggest inspiration is probably just my sisters in general. My older sisters go through things that I’ll be going through, so it’s nice to look up to them…My little sister [has] gotten through things I still have to go through.  They’re my big inspiration.”

In the classroom, Ashlynn enjoys the science department most of all. AP biology, chemistry, and anatomy are standouts to her because this area “always came easy to me, and it’s very interesting.” These classes are also crucial to Ashlynn’s future career path.  “I look forward to doing [similar subjects] in my future plans.  I applied to four colleges, and I would either want to do physical therapy or speech pathology.”

Growing up at Shenango gives Ashlynn memories that she will never forget. “One lesson [I have learned] is to be patient. Personally, I’m not a very patient person, especially in school. You have to be patient with people. You have to be patient with your teachers and you just have to take your time.”

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