Homecoming Court 2023: Cameryn Yanssens

By Elaina Edwards and Aleigha Slagle

The Class of 2024 has picked six candidates to become their potential Homecoming Queen. Cameryn Yanssens, a fun, outgoing, and very energetic individual, is one of the six members on the court.

Cameryn is known amongst her peers for her funny and vibrant personality. Going to such a small school allowed her to showcase this because “I get to know everyone. I can be friends with everyone.” 

These traits may stem from her close relationship with her mom, who is her biggest inspiration and the person she goes to when she needs someone the most. “She’s very ambitious and I know that everything I say to her is confidential,” Cameryn states. 

Building on her close relationships, her escort, Jake Natale, has been one of her good friends since elementary school. “He’s the one I talk to the most,” says Cameryn. Jake values their friendship as well because, “[She] helps with the Life Skills [class, and she] cares about other people.”

From elementary school up until her senior year, Cameryn has learned many valuable life lessons along the way. “Don’t care what other people think, and don’t let people walk on you,” Cameryn states. “Don’t worry about being too popular, and don’t care about having a million friends.” These pieces of advice have helped Cameryn grow into the person that she is today, and they can help younger Wildcats as well. 

Although Cameryn is undecided about what college she wants to attend, she plans to go to a four-year university and major in the education field.  One teacher in particular who has played a part in this decision is social studies teacher Miss Shields and biology teacher Mrs. Sherry. .  “I really love Ms. Shields [and enjoyed biology because] It’s something I’ve always been interested in and I like learning about [it].” 

Cameryn’s favorite extracurricular activity in school is track and field. She loves it because “I get to meet a lot of new people.” One of her favorite memories from track is when the boys’ team won WPIALS in 2022. She is going to miss track the most because of her close relationship with her team and how much fun she has at the meets.

When Cameryn is not involved in extracurricular activities, her favorite show is “The Summer I Turned Pretty” because of the romantic aspect the show brings, which she loves. Also, her favorite celebrity is Kanye West, who, she says, is “just the way he is.” 

There’s one thing that tops Cameryn’s list of annoyances, and although she has a lot of good memories from high school, her biggest pet peeve is “when people are walking in the hallway and randomly stop. You can’t get around them.” 


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