Homecoming 2023: Elyse Lenhart

By Amara DeFrank and Mackenzie Sheridan

Shenango’s volleyball assist record holder and track star, Elyse Lenhart, brings a loud and exciting presence to this year’s Homecoming Court. In place of the court or the track,  she’ll take on this year’s 2023 homecoming dance floor. 

Sharing the dance floor with Elyse is her escort, Thomas Demko. “I chose Thomas as my escort because if I were to lose my hair, he would cut his hair off with me.” His caring charisma is what makes her relationship with Thomas so special. 

Thomas shares his friendly love and enthusiasm for senior Elyse with his peers. “Elyse is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is someone I have never heard anybody say anything mean about.  Elyse is a star athlete and the only reason I do decathlon is because I saw her go to nationals and win the all-American in the heptathlon. [Honestly,] Elyse is my absolute best friend.” 

Along with Thomas, Elyse’s caring friend group would describe her as the typical senior, “nice, funny, and late.” Other defining words of Elyse include humble, athletic, caring, and a senior others admire.

As many students look up to her, she often finds herself advising others, “School work and homework are not that big of a deal. Everything will work out in the end, so don’t stress about the little things,” she advises. 

As a senior student heading towards and looking forward to a bright future, Elyse says, “I plan to attend college and study a field of psychology. [I plan to] continue my volleyball or track.”

With Wildcat spirit, Elyse defines what makes Shenango special, fondly remembering “walking the Wildcat way and earning paw prints.”

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