Class of 2023 Top 10: Olivia Conaway

by Emilee Fedrizzi

Olivia Conaway’s performance shines bright in everything she does, whether she is dancing on the football field, singing in the choir, or pursuing her academics. Her hard work and diligence do not go unnoticed here at Shenango, as she has earned her spot in the senior class’s Top 10.

Wanting to continue to succeed is what has kept Olivia motivated all these years. “I wanted to do well for myself, so I continued to put in the effort to make that happen.” She used this drive to succeed through her hardest obstacle in high school, AP Chemistry. Her own advice, “Learn how to manage your time properly. It is a lot less stressful to do one assignment each night than to do them all the night before they are due,” is what she used to pass the class with flying colors.

Olivia’s most memorable moment from her time at Shenango was the trip to Disney World with the danceline and Chambers Choir. She has been a member of both groups for six years. When asked what she will miss the most about high school, she says, “I will miss seeing my high school friends daily.”

Olivia chose Mrs. Goswick to accompany her to the Top 10 dinner. “She has had a profound effect on both my elementary and high school education.” Olivia has been a member of the gifted program since elementary school and has excelled through difficult lessons.

Although she has done an amazing job, getting through high school is not always easy. Olivia offers great advice to her younger self, saying “Continue to preserve. Even when it is hard to find the motivation, it is definitely worth it to keep trying and improving.”

Olivia feels Shenango has prepared her for a successful future by teaching her the importance of hard work. She will continue her education at West Virginia University to major in Immunology and Medical Microbiology. Congratulations, Olivia!

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