Class of 2023 Top 10: Suchi Patel

by Ang Depaolo and Natalie McClean

Suchi Patel is a kind, generous, and hard-working person. She has shown immense amounts of dedication both in class and out of class. Her spot in the Class of 2023’s Top 10 is well-deserved.

Suchi credits her parents for her success in the classroom. “I would say that my parents have been my biggest influences in academics because they have always motivated me to try the best I can and they were there for me through my failures and successes.” She also feels that Shenango has prepared her for a prosperous future through the available resources of job shadows. “All [of] the job shadows I did at Shenango made me [feel confident] that a future in accounting is right for me.”

Suchi’s biggest challenge that she overcame as a high school student was being behind in her academic career when she moved from her hometown to Shenango in the ninth grade. “I did not know many topics that ninth graders were expected to know, and I spent so much of my time and effort to learn those concepts and catch up with all [of] my peers.”

Not only has Suchi felt welcomed since her first day as a new Wildcat, but she also feels that she will miss Shenango’s small community. “I enjoy that everybody knows everybody in this school, and the familiar faces that we see throughout the day will be gone as we all take on a new step toward our future.”

One piece of advice that Suchi would like to give to underclassmen is to enjoy their time in high school because “it flies by fast.” If she were to give advice to her younger self, she would tell her to “have confidence in yourself” and to never “look for anyone else’s validation for your own happiness or success.”

Suchi has chosen Mrs. McKissick to accompany her to the Top 10 dinner. This English teacher was a huge help with her senior project, answering any questions or concerns that Suchi had. “I bonded with her since my first day,” Suchi notes.

Suchi’s future plans consist of attending Penn State University to major in accounting. Congratulations, Suchi!

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