Class of 2023 Top 10: Megan Skurcenski

by Suchi Patel

Megan Skurcenski has been recognized as a well-rounded student throughout her years of high school. As a member of the marching band, pep band, chambers, rock and jazz ensemble, student council, and NHS, she has proven herself to be passionate, patient, ambitious, and deserving of a position in the Top Ten of Shenango’s graduating Class of 2023. 

Throughout her years at Shenango, Megan acknowledges that being so involved brought on the challenge of “learning how to manage time.”  Megan believes that time is limited, and she “had to stop procrastinating to accomplish assignments in a short time window.”

Megan’s incredible work ethic has pushed her to accomplish this goal and one of the most important lessons she embraced was learning “how to step outside of my comfort zone. Discomfort brings opportunities for growth and I wanted to take advantage of that.”

Megan credits her family for always keeping her motivated to excel in the classroom. She strove to use all her potential to not only make her family proud but also make herself proud. 

Shenango has “taught me to be accepting of everyone and to have patience for the future.”  She will miss the Wildcat community the most when she leaves. “Although not everyone likes each other, people are accepting of one another.”

When Megan enters college this fall and takes a new step toward her future, she will especially cherish the memories she has made in high school. Specifically, “The trip to Kalahari with the Treble Choir was the most memorable.”

Being a senior at Shenango this year, one piece of advice Megan would give to underclassmen is to “believe in yourself.” She remarks that “even if no one else believes in you, if you can, believe in yourself without the complete validation of others.”

Megan was presented with the opportunity to attend the annual Top Ten dinner with a teacher of her choice, and Megan chose Mr. Butchy to accompany her. She made this decision “because he has always been a mentor to me. He has been with me throughout my entire high school career, watching and helping me grow as a person.”

This fall, Megan plans to attend Case Western Reserve University to major in neuroscience, and she eventually desires to enter the medical field. Congratulations Megan!

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