Class of 2023 Top 10: James Dong

by Janie Natale and Kylee Rubin

James Dong has earned the prestigious honor of being named a member of the top ten of his class. James is a well-rounded student who is involved in sports and the music department. His parents and extracurricular activities shaped him into a hardworking student and kept him motivated to excel in the classroom. 

James credits Shenango with helping him prepare for his successful future. “Shenango has made me more acquainted with the multitudes of challenges that lay ahead, be it tedious work or problem-solving.” Although this has been a challenging journey, James is thankful he has a solid foundation upon which to build. 

The single biggest challenge James has faced thus far is graduating high school. Through the numerous advanced courses and busy schedule outside of school, his journey has at times proved daunting. However, Jame was able to achieve excellence by continuing to foster his strong work ethic. 

Upon graduation, James will miss the “good teachers” the most. Teachers have helped shape him into the person he is. They have shown him the importance of hard work and of never giving up.  

James chose Señor Mularski to accompany him to the honorable Top 10 dinner. He has taken four years of Spanish and can speak Spanish very well. James says, “Señor has always been willing to help me throughout my entire high school career.” 

James Dong plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh to pursue a computer science degree. Best of luck, James!

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