Class of 2023 Top 10: Michael Othites

by Madison Iwanejko

Michael Othites’ hard work ethic shines through whether he is in the classroom or on the track. Fueled by his determination and willpower throughout his time here at Shenango High School, Michael has earned his place in the class’s top 10.

Michael credits his teachers and parents for keeping him motivated in the classroom year after year.  He notes that “my teachers and my parents pushing me to be the best I could be” played a huge part in his success while also noting how he holds himself to high standards. “The pride I have for myself to do well” consistently drives him to do his best.  

The most important lesson Michael has learned outside of the classroom is “perseverance. Sometimes you just have to put your head down and push through adversity. You just have to trust the process and keep going.” 

The biggest challenge that Michael overcame as a high school student was taking AP classes. “Some were harder than others, but they all were challenging in their own way.” During AP Chemistry, his most cherished memory happened. There was a cardboard cut-out of Mr.V to look at for inspiration. Michael still laughs at this today. 

To underclassmen, Michael advises, “Don’t waste the time you have. Figure out what you want to be then strive to obtain that.” 

Michael has chosen Mr. Dess to accompany him to the Top 10 dinner because he has been “a great mentor and friend.”

Michael plans to attend PennWest California to major in chemistry. Best of luck, Michael! 

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