Class of 2023 Top 10: Kylee Rubin

by Braeden D’Angelo and Morgan Pisula

Kylee Rubin has proven to be a senior who just can’t be stopped, whether it was on the volleyball court, basketball court, or even in the classroom. Her dedication through the years has earned her a spot in the Class of 2023’s prestigious Top 10. 

Kylee credits Shenango for helping prepare her for her future. “I have been provided with a strong academic education that I will use for my future endeavors.” In particular, Kylee values how Shenango has shown her the importance of working with others, whether that collaboration happens in the classroom, on a sports team, or in an extracurricular activity.   

While Kylee’s education is her prime priority, she stresses that “ the most important lesson I learned outside the classroom is the importance of having a good group of friends around you.” 

Alongside a strong group of friends within Kylee’s high school career, she has created many memories. Her most cherished memory is “winning the 2A WPIAL Championship in basketball.” 

That standout memory did not come without struggle, however, and Kylee notes that “my biggest challenge would be balancing athletics and academics.” 

The approach of graduation, while exciting, stirs up mixed emotions in Kylee. “I will miss the people at Shenango the most. I have met the most wonderful people here that have shaped me into the person I am today,” adding how Shenango is “such a great community to grow up in.”

Kylee will close out her high school career by attending the Top 10 dinner where she can choose any teacher or staff member to accompany her. Kylee chose to have Mr.Cooper accompany her. “I chose him to accompany me to the Top 10 dinner because he has helped me immensely in my studies and is always willing to help.”

To her younger self, Kylee would advise to not “stress so much and know that everything works out.”

Kylee’s plans upon graduation are to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she will continue her athletic career in the sport of volleyball. She will major in Medical Imaging with a goal to one day work in a hospital or office.  Congratulations, Kylee! 


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