Student of the Nine Weeks: Gabe Christopher

by Kassidy Cutchall, Jordyn DeSalove, Reagan Maxwell, and Molly Medvit

Gabe Christopher, chosen for the ninth grade Student of the Nine Weeks, gains recognition from his teachers for all his accomplishments. “Gabe has really stepped it up in Algebra by completing all of his work, scoring well on tests and quizzes, and participating more by going to the board. I am really impressed with his effort!” Mrs. Delaney praised.

“I work very hard and I always make sure I show up to class with a good attitude,” Gabe states. His motivation comes from his wanting to get good grades and do well throughout high school. 

Not only does Gabe work hard, but he also tries his hardest to help his peers. “I recently witnessed Gabe helping a student who was struggling with an activity,” Mr. Drozynski admires. “He was so patient and kind to the other student.” 

As Gabe matures, he looks to his parents for guidance. “My parents are my role models. They are very supportive and I love spending time with them,” Gabe mentions. “They work very hard on what they do and I admire that a lot.”  

Teachers, such as Mrs. Miller, have recognized Gabe’s efforts in being a good student. “I have really enjoyed seeing Gabe step up as a helper in his class this year. He is kind, patient, and respectful to me and those around him.”

Not only does he strive in science class, but also in his favorite class, English. “We have a lot of fun in the class because all my friends are in there,” Gabe explains. 

The feeling is mutual from Mrs. Allen’s perspective.  “Gabe has proved to be a really thoughtful reader this year and is super diligent in his school work.” 

Gabe is very self-motivated while working in computer class,” Mrs. Whiting exclaimed. “Not only does he do the work asked of him, but he is also thorough when completing the assignments.”

Congratulations, Gabe! 

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