Student of the Nine Weeks: Kali Blackwell

by Suchi Patel and Natalie McClean

Congratulations to eighth grader Kali Blackwell, who has been chosen as Shenango’s Student of the Third Nine Weeks by her teachers. This distinction not only applauds her drive and hard work in academics but also appreciates her kind attitude. It is no surprise that Kali was nominated for this honor. 

As an active member of the junior high cheerleading squad, Kali has the motivation to work hard because she knows she will reap the benefits. Kali has huge goals for her future and she believes that continuing to be diligent will make her successful.

“When Kali is given a challenge, she marks up the diagram, table, or problem text associated with it. She accentuates and organizes the information. This is a great problem-solving skill. It allows her to find solutions and respond quickly and accurately to the challenge,” science teacher Mr. Drozynski notes. “She is conscientious about making up work after missing class for some other academic reason. She advocates for herself, is organized, and works hard”. 

Mr. Drozynski is not the only teacher who had positive things to say about Kali. Social studies teacher Ms. Schuster states, “Kali is an attentive student who turns in excellent work. I am further impressed with how responsible and proactive she is.”

Kali’s favorite subject this school year is Social Studies 8 because it is the first time she has felt connected to American history. She notes that it is a very interesting subject and wishes to make her teachers proud. 

Kali considers her strongest traits as a successful student to be her ability to try her hardest and manage her time inside and outside of school. She studies as much as she can, and she makes sure to “complete my work either in school or in the car.” Her responsibility is one of many reasons why Kali is truly deserving of this award. 

Kali believes that a good teacher is one who is always willing to help a student. Not only does she acknowledge this behavior in her teachers, but she also applies it to herself. Mathematics teacher Mrs. Crawford exclaims, “Kali is a hard worker who is always willing to help her classmates!”

Kali has learned this behavior from her role model, her mother. She sums up by saying that “[her] mom helps everyone as much as she can and she’s very empathetic.” She is a person whom Kali appreciates and considers to be her idol. 

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