Student of the Nine Weeks: Brooke Cast

by Ang Butchelle, Ang DePaolo, and Jaidyn Latcheran

Brooke Cast, an exceptional 10th grade student, has been recognized by her teachers as Student of the Nine Weeks. “Brooke is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most caring individuals I know. She will stop what she is doing to lend a hand and go out of her way to make others feel welcomed,” applauds Mrs. Daugherty.

Brooke is motivated to be a successful student. She believes her strongest trait is working hard every time she steps into the classroom. Many of her teachers would acknowledge that skill of hers as well. “Brooke is an extremely hard worker in class. She really cares about understanding the material and is always willing to ask questions to make sure she understands where the answer comes from,” agrees Mrs. Delaney. 

When asked who her role models are, Brooke responds “My parents because they have shown me how to push myself to be the best I can be.” She is inspired by her parents to stay determined and work hard. 

Her science teacher, Mr. Flood, also appreciates her hard work in his class. “Brooke works extremely hard in Biology Lab and is always a leader in participation and effort. She is very well deserving of the recognition.” 

Both Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Sherry value Brooke’s presence in the classroom.  “Brooke works hard in biology to comprehend all the material, and she always has her homework completed,” Mrs. Sherry stresses, while Mrs. Crawford points out that Brooke “always tries her best! She always has a positive attitude.”

Brooke believes a good teacher is one who “explains the subject well and makes it fun and easy to learn.” Out of all of her classes, she would say English is her favorite class “because I have a lot of fun with my friends.”

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