Student of the Nine Weeks: Elyse Lenhart

by Braeden D’Angelo, Morgan Pisula, and Kylee Rubin

Elyse Lenhart has received the honor of being named the junior student of the third nine weeks. Elyse is a multi-sport athlete involved in track, basketball, and volleyball. She works extremely hard to balance her academics and extracurricular activities.

Elyse is driven in her academics because of her determination to become successful. She models her work ethic after her parents. Elyse’s parents show her “dedication and how to get things finished.” Throughout her numerous activities outside of school, Elyse is able to manage her time wisely in order to complete assignments and study for tests.

While Elyse enjoys all of her classes throughout the day, one, in particular, has become her favorite. AP Chemistry captured the interest of Elyse early on in the year. She enjoys this challenging class because it teaches her “new studying techniques and how to productively manage her time.” She feels as if this class will better prepare her for upcoming years in college. 

Chemistry teacher Mr. Vecenie had kind remarks about his stellar student. “Elyse is a great kid that responds to adversity well. She has a strong work ethic and positive attitude, he commented,  “Elyse made changes in her study habits and effort level during the third nine weeks. She had a marked increase in her grade and she is and has always been a great person to be around on a day-to-day basis.”

Without the help of her teachers, Elyse believes she would not be as successful in her academics. She believes a good teacher is someone who is “willing to put the time in and help their students when needed.” She is extremely grateful for all of her teachers and the lasting impact they have had on her throughout her years. English teacher Mrs. McKissik stated, “Elyse is such an amazing young lady. She has a huge heart and works very hard to accomplish what she sets out to do.” 

Not only is Elyse known by her teachers as being a great student, but she is also valued for her caring personality. Spanish teacher Mr. Mularski stated, “She is always polite and always listening. I specifically remember an instance where she went out of her way to help a younger track athlete. Things like that are great to see in students.” 

One thing most people would not know about this stellar student is she finished 8th place at the outdoor national track and field championship in the heptathlon event. This took place in California. She expressed how awesome this experience was and how she will never forget it. 

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