Student of the Nine Weeks: Genna Anzalone

by Emilee Fedrizzi, Madi Iwanejko, and Janie Natale

Some may think the elementary transition into high school is nearly impossible, but Genna Anzalone has excelled during her 7th grade year. She is the model of a stellar student here at Shenango High School and has been recognized for her hard work by teachers and staff. Genna has been nominated as the 7th grade Student of the Third Nine Weeks.

Genna uses her siblings as motivation through her schoolwork. She notes that they are always trying their best to do well in school, so she wants to excel as well. Being a role model for her younger siblings is something very important to Genna, just as her older sister, Julie, has been for her. “Julie was always an excellent student and I want to push myself to be just like her.”

Genna, a member of the Shenango Junior High Basketball team, manages her time extremely well. She has either practice or a game for a couple of hours a night, then comes home and gets her schoolwork accomplished. This task is difficult for most young students, but Genna knows her commitment to her education is an important virtue. 

Genna’s favorite subject in school is English. She loves her classmates, her teacher Mrs. Butchy, and reading. Most people would be surprised about this, but in her free time, she reads a lot. “She is an avid reader and a critical thinker, and her classmates respect her,” notes Mrs. Butchy. “Genna strives to perfect her work, no matter how large or small the assignment. It’s clear that she cares about her performance, and not just for rank or status. (…and I never see her without a new novel in her hand!)”

Genna thinks a good teacher interacts with students, and Genna looks to model this attribute by helping her classmates. Health teacher Ms. Hall says, “She helps every student in my study hall with their homework.”

Many teachers have commented on Genna’s character in the classroom. Mr. Flood states, “Genna is an awesome student in Science 7. She is polite and willing to help others on topics frequently in class. She participates often and works extremely hard to be successful.” 

Her math teacher, Mr. Sauders, also has a lot to say about her. “Genna worked hard through the grading period and when she missed class, she quickly made up her work. She often helps other students in class and has a positive attitude.”

“I really enjoyed having Genna in my Ecology 7 class during the third quarter,” Mrs. Miller stresses.  “Genna was the epitome of a mature, helpful, and dedicated student and was a student that I truly felt that I could count on. She always completed her assignments with diligence and always prepared meticulously for tests. She was a constant participator and had insightful comments and thoughts to add to every lesson. In addition to being an academic superstar herself, she was also very quick to help other students who needed assistance in a humble and genuinely helpful way. I see awesome things for Genna in the future and am thankful that I got to be her teacher!”

 It is obvious she is the epitome of an excellent student here at Shenango. Congratulations, Genna!

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