Student of the Nine Weeks: Natalie McClean

by Kassidy Cutchall, Braeden D’Angelo, and Morgan Pisula

Natalie McClean proves worthy of the honor of representing the senior class as Student of the Nine Weeks.  

“I have had Natalie in both 9th grade and now in 12th grade. In both years, Natalie was kind, motivated, and pleasant in class,” Mrs. Miller admires. “As a senior, though, I have been so excited to see her stepping out of her comfort zone and pushing herself to try new things, be bold, and grow as a person. It is honestly very inspiring to see someone so intentionally growing as a person (rather than just going with the flow of culture or life). In Anatomy and Physiology this year, she is an academic superstar and works incredibly hard. She is not ashamed to admit when she needs help and it only makes her stronger as a student,” Miller continues.  “When we don’t finish something in class (even if I plan on giving them time the next day), Natalie always stays in my class for as long as it takes to finish what she started. As a study hall student, she is always willing to lend a hand and offers to help me with any tasks that I could use help with. She often encourages her peers to go above and beyond when studying so that they can collectively do their best. As a student and a person, she makes our class truly brighter and is always the perfect combination of kind and sarcastic! She is one of the best parts of my day and is so deserving of student of the nine-weeks!”

As her teacher, Mrs. Miller adores her positivity and eagerness to learn, Natalie also admires Mrs. Miller. “I would say my role model is Mrs. Miller. She genuinely cares and wants the absolute best for her students, and I truly look up to her a lot for that!” Natalie’s admiration for Mrs. Miller also extends to her class. “My favorite class this year is Anatomy and Physiology because I enjoy learning about the human body, I have friends in that class, and I love my teacher.”

Not only will you see Natalie in Anatomy class, but she is also involved in Concert Choir, Trebles and Chamber Singers, National Honor Society, Yearbook Staff, and outside of school she works at Subway and works out at JDS Fitness.

Although much of her time is occupied with all her activities, she still has amazing time management that allows her to have time for herself, too. “I balance my time by telling myself that I don’t have to study 24/7 or do homework for hours straight. I allow myself breaks and I consistently listen to what my mind and body are telling me to do,” Natalie advises. “If I need some time, then I give myself just that.”

Natalie pushes to achieve high academic standards because of her parents. “The thing that motivates me to work hard and study in school is to make my parents proud of me,” Natalie acknowledges. Her parents are constantly encouraging her to put everything into what she does so she can strive not only academically, but as a well-rounded person, too. 

“Something that most people would be surprised to learn about me is that I’ll be majoring in health and physical activities, and it’s surprising because I don’t participate in any sport-related activities in school,” Natalie explains. 

Natalie’s aspiration for her last year of high school is “to continue to get out of my comfort zone and make my last year in Shenango very memorable.”

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