Student of the Nine Weeks: Andy Domenick

by Jordyn DeSalvo, Emilee Fedrizzi, and Kylee Rubin

Sophomore Andy Domenick has been chosen by the Shenango teachers and staff as the student of the second nine weeks. This honor awards his work ethic, kindness, and overall determination both inside and outside of the classroom.

Andy is a multi-sport athlete, competing in basketball and track. “During basketball game days I go to track practice right before I leave for the game.” Despite his busy schedule, he is able to balance his time well. “I try to get my homework done in school, right before the game, or after.”

Andy’s motivation in school comes from striving to get good grades and wanting to be better every day. Along with this, he proudly states his strongest trait as a student is “always striving to be the best and that I do not take a regular A; I always want to make it the best grade.”

Andy’s favorite class this year is chemistry with Mr. Vecenie. He enjoys chemistry because it is all around a very interesting topic to him. Mr. Vecenie noted that Andy is “an extremely well-rounded student with a great work ethic.” He also valued his kindness towards others and positive attitude inside and outside the classroom. 

The teachers have been a huge part of Andy’s success this school year. “They are always engaged with the students and try their hardest constantly,” said Andy. He gives many thanks to all his teachers who are always supporting him both in the classroom and in life. 

Mr. Mularski, the school’s Spanish teacher, also praises Andy for being “just a nice guy and a good student all-around. I’m glad I’ve had him in class.”

The biggest role model in Andy’s life is his mom. “She always works hard and wants me to be the best that I can possibly be,” said Andy. He has admired her his whole life and gets his strong work ethic from her. 

Andy’s goal for this year is to maintain a high honor roll and increase his GPA. Congratulations and good luck for the rest of the school year, Andy!

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