Student of the Nine Weeks: Kira Gibbons

by Natalie McClean, Molly Medvit, and Jaidyn Latcheran

Kira Gibbons, nominated Student of the Nine Weeks for 7th grade, is honored to be chosen by her teachers in her first year of Junior High. 

A past cheerleader and current member of junior high danceline, Kira feels she balances her time very well, especially for a student new to junior/senior high school.  She believes that putting her school work first, ahead of extracurricular activities helps her with time management.

As a successful student, Kira considers one of her strongest traits to be her participation, organizational skills, and dedication to managing the time and effort she puts into her studies. The motivation that she possesses stems from knowing that if she tries hard now, she will have a promising future to look forward to. Mrs. Delaney, her pre-algebra teacher, recognizes Kira’s ambition when she notes that Kira “strives to thoroughly understand the material” and that she will “put the extra time in to make sure she does.”

A key trait of Kira’s is that she not only gets along with the students, but she also is respectful towards the staff here at Shenango. Kira verbalizes that “your first impression and just your attitude in general towards people matters a lot.” 

Kira has definitely made a good impression on choir teacher Mrs. Leali, who notes, “I am loving getting to know Kira.  She is a strong young lady who always keeps a smile on her face.”  

School counselor Mrs. Othites also sees this in Kira.  “Kira is so mature for her age. I love class discussions and listening to her answers. I feel as though she is a role model for the other students.”

Kira’s favorite class this year is Honors English because of her love for reading and writing. English teacher Mrs. Butchy, proclaims that not only does Kira take her education seriously, but she also is a team player and a willing participant in class. “She’s always up for an interesting discussion, and you can count on her to give shout-outs to classmates for the awesome work that they’ve done.” 

Kira feels that being a good teacher encompasses being able to talk to students about other things besides school. She tends to orbit around the teachers who “put themselves in their students’ shoes and relate to them on a deeper level.” 

Kira’s role models are her parents, and they encourage her to be the best version of herself. “Even when I am not at my best, they help me through the good and bad times.” Her goal this year is to achieve high honor roll the whole year with the support of everyone around her. Way to go, Kira!

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