Mr. Shenango: CJ Miller

by Kassidy Cutchall, Ang Butchelle, and Jaidyn Latcheran

You may have recognized his exceptional athletic ability all throughout the football season or have watched him playing defense in basketball. Elected by his senior classmates, CJ Miller was given the opportunity to participate in a wonderful cause as a candidate for Mr. Shenango.

CJ Miller chose the Ronald McDonald House as his charity to raise money for. “I have had family and friends stay there,” he recalls. “When I would visit them, it was nice to see how wonderful the kids were treated and the services provided to them, all free of charge.” CJ’s hope is to “make a difference in the lives of those entering the house in the future.” He is acting to “make their lives a little easier as they fight through hard times.”

The words that CJ uses to describe how it feels to be one of the young men to represent the Class of 2023 are “honored and very thankful.” CJ appreciates this opportunity to give back to the community while being recognized as a role model. His escort, Jordyn DeSalvo, also praises CJ in all his glory. “I think CJ’s best trait is the way he treats people. He has a really big heart. I think he will be remembered for his kindness and compassion.”

CJ shows nothing but admiration for his late father, Chuck Miller, whom he cared for very much. “My dad [is the most influential person]. He was hands down the most supportive person I have ever met. He came to every practice for any sport I’ve played, he really cared about my success, and I could not thank him enough,” CJ remembers.  “He always put others before himself and in all, he was a very caring man. In my eyes, he’s the definition of a family man. He completely changed the way I view many things, most importantly, life.”

As CJ goes through his last year of high school, he is cherishing the last little bits of Shenango he can. “I love that almost every teacher genuinely cares [about their students],” CJ applauds. After school, he plans to attend college to pursue a career in Computer Science. 

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