Mr. Shenango: Michael Leitera

by Ang DePaolo, Madi Iwanejko, and Kylee Rubin

Michael Leitera has been chosen by his peers to be of the six candidates for the 2023 Mr. Shenango.“I feel honored to know my classmates think that I am deserving of this,” said Leitera. 

The charity Michael has chosen to raise funds for is the City Rescue Mission. This is important to him because “I have witnessed their organization in action and believe that they do wonderful things for our community.” Michael hopes to bring to light a multitude of problems that people in financial need face on a daily basis. 

There are many reasons why Michael has cherished his time at Shenango. What sticks out to him the most is the passion of students here. The drive of students to succeed in academics, sports, or theater is special to Leitera. 

When asked who has been an instrumental influence on Michael as a person, he automatically chose his parents. “They have never denied me the chance to express myself or try new activities. Without them, I may never have found out anything about myself.” 

The advice Leitera chose to share with his peers was to always try your hardest. He also said,  “Always be yourself, and do not change for anybody.” It is important to him that students should pursue their own interests and not take part in something that they do not enjoy. 

Michael’s future plans are to attend Slippery Rock University to pursue an undergraduate degree. After receiving this, he plans to continue on to law school. 

Escorting Micheal is close friend Megan Skurcenski. “Michael Leitera is a perfect representation of what Shenango stands for simply by his persona. He draws people in with his candid personality. Michael genuinely brings light to every room he is in.” 

When Megan was asked about his best trait, she simply could not choose one. “He has substantial integrity, self-awareness, sympathy, gratitude, and several other key qualities.” She believes his genuinely virtuous character and noble communication skills will make Michael a memorable leader in Shenango. 

Congratulations Michael! 


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