Mr. Shenango: Tyler Valenti

by Natalie McClean, Janie Natale, and Suchi Patel

A track athlete who throws discus and shot-put, a Students Helping Students member, and a Rite Aid customer service associate, Tyler Valenti has been nominated by his peers to be one of the candidates for Mr. Shenango 2023. He feels honored that his classmates regard him as a strong contender and is grateful to be able to share his story and enlighten others about his charity.

Tyler has chosen to support the charity of Shriners Hospital. Shriners has given Tyler countless opportunities that were major parts of his story, and he wants to give back to the place that gave him a part of his own life back. “I will forever be grateful for their avail, and I want others to be able to obtain the same,” he said. “I want to allocate my appreciation to the hospital by raising money.”

Tyler chose to ask his classmate and good friend, Madison Iwanejko, to escort him.  Madi participates in softball and basketball and is a member of the National Honor Society and yearbook. 

Madi thinks very highly of Tyler. ”Tyler will be remembered for his amazing personality,” says Madi. She believes that Tyler has the biggest heart that she has seen, and he will always be remembered for his exceptional kindness.

To his peers, he offers this insight: “I believe success is not synonymous with perfection.” Tyler advises his male classmates that life’s greatest lessons are learned through the darkest times in life. He holds the opinion that people find strengths in the hardships of life. “Success prevails in determination and consistency,” he explained. 

He has a lot of thanks to bestow, but one person he wants to thank in particular is his physical therapist, Matt Callahan. Ever since Tyler suffered a life-altering injury that left him with paralysis of his left arm, Matt has believed in him and pushed him to be his best possible self. 

Tyler’s favorite quality about Shenango is how it is such an encouraging community. After Tyler graduates from Shenango, he will move on to a new community at Duquesne University to major in biological science. 

Tyler will never forget the memories he has made during his time at Shenango and adores the “kind and supportive community.” He will forever be grateful for being chosen as a candidate for Mr. Shenango 2023. Good Luck Tyler!

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