Mr. Shenango: Hunter Hohn

by Jadyn Barker and McKenna Lutton

You may have seen him on the stage for musicals, playing the trumpet at band concerts, or leading the marching band at football games, but now he will be walking the floor as a Mr. Shenango candidate. Hunter’s charity of choice is for the benefit of Jen Wittmann, a local breast cancer survivor. He chose this because “I have always been close with their family and I want to be able to help them as they deal with this.” 

Hunter hopes that his fondness for the Wittmann family will motivate others to look for help when necessary because he believes “there are a lot of people who are willing to do good.”

Being chosen as a candidate for Mr. Shenango, Hunter feels honored. He wishes to make the best of his opportunity and make a difference in the community. Hunter is thankful for Shenango giving him the chance to help others. “I love that I feel like I am able to give back to Jen and her family after all the generosity they have shown me.” Being a candidate for Mr. Shenango has allowed him to tap into some of his philanthropic characteristics. 

Hunter plans to attend Grove City College in the fall where he will pursue a degree in Biology Secondary Education. He hopes that even in college, he will be able to continue touching the lives of those around him.

When Hunter thinks about the people that are most important to him, his family and friends come to mind. “They have played a huge part in spreading awareness about this fundraiser for Mr. Shenango in a way that I could not have achieved alone.” Understanding the importance of close relationships, Hunter never forgets to credit those who have supported him. 

One of these close friends, Josephine Buckel, is Hunter’s chosen escort. Josephine fully believes in and supports Hunter in his endeavor for Mr. Shenango. “He is a glass-half-full kind of person who can always make your day better.” She believes that even after high school, Hunter’s positivity and kindness will be remembered by both teachers and classmates. 

“He is respectful and friendly to everyone he meets no matter who they are,” Josephine remarks. It is her belief that Hunter’s qualities as a friend and student are some of his strongest traits that make him an ideal representation of what Shenango stands for. 

As Josephine is also a friend of the Wittmanns, she thinks it is wonderful that Hunter has chosen to support Jen and her battle against breast cancer. When thinking about Jen she recalls, “She is a mother and a very active member of our community who deserves our support.” 


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