Mr. Shenango: Zach Herb

by Jordyn DeSalvo, Reagan Maxwell, and Molly Medvit

Zach Herb was nominated by his peers to be one of the six candidates for the 2023 Mr. Shenango tradition. Zach is very grateful and honored to know that his classmates see him as an exceptional person, inside and out.  Many know Zach as a kind, hard-working, and devoted multi-sport athlete. 

Zach chose Ford Tough as his charity to support Mr. Shenango, as it is an important organization to him. “I am always trying to do something nice for someone else,” he explains.  Ford is a young boy from Laurel who, in 2019, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at two years old. Zach is hoping to bring hope and happiness to Ford and his family by raising money for this organization.

Ashley DeCarbo is Zach’s escort, and she had nothing but admirable things to say about Zach. “Zach’s best trait is his kindness.  He is a good representation of what Shenango stands for because he is very involved in the community and extracurricular activities.” 

You might see Zach on the court, baseball field, or greens. Zach has committed to Seton Hill University to play baseball and “hopefully get a good job” in the end. Zach says he would not be the person he is today without the help of his mom and dad along the way.

Zach’s advice he has to offer to fellow male students at Shenango High School is “be respectful, be a gentleman, and show you were raised the right way.” Shenango High School has many admirable components, but what Zach loves the most about it is how much it feels like home. 

Congratulations, Zach!

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