7th Grade Student of the Nine Weeks: Teagan Schippert

by Jordyn DeSalvo, Reagan Maxwell, and Molly Medvit

Teagan Schippert has been chosen as the seventh-grade student of the first nine weeks by Shenango High School teachers and staff members. This award honors her hard work in school, as well as outside of school. 

Science teacher Mr. Flood is one of Teagan’s teachers who values her presence in the classroom.   “Teagan is an individual who has been a model student over the first nine weeks.  She is always willing to help others around her during class time and is frequently participating in class discussions,” he said.   “Her work shows an attention to detail and continual growth in content.  She is polite, kind, hard-working, and very deserving of the award.”

Mr. Cooper, social studies teacher, agrees. “Teagan is a hard worker who strives to be her best every day. She is very deserving of this accomplishment.”

Teagan says that her motivation in school comes from the joy she gets when she sees her high grades on her report card. Teagan says, “I work really hard and study a lot more than I need to.” Teagan is constantly setting goals for herself, such as maintaining all A’s while juggling extracurricular activities like softball and basketball.  She recognizes that her teachers play a large part in helping her meet those goals. “A good teacher teaches very thoroughly and explains things in depth,” says Teagan. 

Mrs. Miller meets Teagan’s expectations of what it means to be a good teacher. That is why ecology is her favorite class. “I really like the teacher and the subject,” says Teagan. 

 “Teagan is a breath of fresh air in my day! She is witty, hysterical, engaged, motivated, bright, and so much fun to be around,” Mrs. Miller notes.  “I appreciate that she has the perfect balance of having fun and also working hard. She was a true Ecology Superstar this past quarter, earning a solid 100% in Ecology 7. She is an amazing student and will make an amazing teacher someday! I am proud to call her my student!” 

Another person Teagan looks up to is her older sister. She says, “She has always been there for me throughout my entire life.” Not only does Teagan have a role model, but she is considered to be one herself. Mrs. Delany said, “Teagan is a joy to have in class! She does extremely well with the material, participates in class, and really tries to get a deep understanding of the abstract concepts in Algebra. She is a role model for her fellow classmates.” 

Teagan’s talents are also showcased in her English class.  “Teagan is one of the most positive, conscientious students I know,” Mrs. Butch noted. “She is humble, focused, mature, quick to encourage her classmates, and absolutely genuine in her desire to help others.” 

One thing many people don’t know about Teagan is that she is originally from Ohio. Teagan spent most of her life there and moved to Shenango in fifth grade. 

Congratulations and good luck in the future, Teagan!

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