Sophomore Student of the Nine Weeks: Janialin Streit

by Kassidy Cutchall, Jaidyn Latcheran, and Kylee Rubin

Chosen as the sophomore student of the nine weeks by teachers and staff, Janialin Streit deserves the wonderful honor. She keeps academics at the top of her priority list while managing her time well through her numerous extracurricular activities. Janialin is involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, and marching band. 

“Janialin is a dedicated and conscientious student with a great sense of humor,” Mr. Butchy notes.  This attitude is very similar to what Mrs. Sherry sees in Janialin in her biology class.  “Janialin regularly participates in class and always strives to do her best in my class.” 

 Janialin’s main motivation for school is her passion to become a teacher and her love of participating in sports. “I want to be a teacher when I grow up, so I have to get good grades for that. Getting into a good college is really important [to me]. And also just being in sports, I have to stay eligible,” she explained. 

“Janialin is a very kind, hardworking young woman who is always smiling. One of my favorite things about her is that she is not afraid to put herself out there and try new things,” Mrs. Leali notices. 

The strongest trait Janialin feels she possesses is her ability to manage her time wisely between school and her extracurricular activities. As she is involved in countless activities, study time is a prime concern for her.

What stands out to many of Janialin’s teachers is her attitude.  “Janialin is a sweet and contemplative student who is a great participant in class,” Ms. Guy explains. 

“Janialin brings positivity and ambition to class,” Mrs. Shields adds. “Even in an early morning class, she always finds a way to remain engaged in the content and has proven to be a leader in class discussions.”

 This year’s goals for Janialin were set high from the start. “I hope to achieve my goal of getting better grades. This past nine weeks, I didn’t do as well [as I would have liked]. I hope to get all A’s the rest of the year,” Janialin stressed. 

For Janialin, her mom is her role model and someone she strives to be. She has always looked up to her mom for her strong work ethic and compassion.  “She’s my only parent and she always shows up. She takes time to [be there] for my brother and me,” she appreciates. 

Congratulations, Janialin!


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