Freshman Student of the Nine Weeks: Terry Summers

by Ang Butchelle and Ang Depaolo

Terry Summers has been voted by the teachers and staff as the 9th grade student of the nine weeks! This is such a great accomplishment for him as he moves forward in his high school career. It shows his character in and out of the classroom. 

Algebra teacher Mrs. Delaney says, “Terry brings such great energy to Algebra. He always has his work completed and done well, participates in class, and has such a great overall attitude.” 

Terry’s motivation in school is keeping his grades up. He is a hard-working student who can bring personality to any room he is in. 

His English teacher, Mrs. Allen sees this in Terry. “Terry gives his all, no matter the task at hand. He is an engaged reader, a diligent writer, and an awesome team player. He is a student who brings positivity to the class on a regular basis and makes every day a blessing for both me as a teacher and his classmates as well.”

For Terry, his main goal this school year is to achieve honor roll. He also does well working in groups and participates in Art Club. His favorite class this year is gym. 

“Terry is a quiet, respectful, and hard-working young man,” stated teacher Mrs. Whiting. “He always has a smile on his face and is ready to work.” 

Some of Terry’s biggest role models are the teachers here at Shenango High School. Terry thinks a good teacher is one that will go over something as many times as needed for the students to understand it. 

Congratulations and good luck in your future, Terry!

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